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About NEO Fighting Camp - Best Muay Thai Training Camp in Depok
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NEO Fighting Camp is a center for holistic empowerment and health where curriculum and training programs have been developed systematically and alphabetically in such a way that students and practitioners will benefit most according to the class selected and each training goal.

Authentic and traditional based Muay Thai training for everyone

NEO Fighting Camp tries to maintain the Muay Thai training program that we offer 100% authentic. We respect the Thai tradition very much and this respect has been very deep in most of our classes and around our camp. We can assure you that you will not find a version of “Art of Eight Limbs” which is merged elsewhere except here.

Classes are defined as Beginner, Intermediate, and Professional with traditional and fundamental fighting skills along with kicking, knee and elbow attacks and Thai boxing punches. We definitely offer a combination of the famous Muay Thai techniques and solid together with the possibility of getting better health and fitness.

To maintain the quality of our training, we prepare 4 trainers who will observe and ensure that everyone gets the most attention individually in learning the right movements and techniques.

About NEO Fighting Camp

NEO Fighting Camp studio latihan Muay Thai di Depok dengan instruktur bepengalaman  dan bersertifikat. Kami mengutamakan suasana latihan Muay Thai yang nyaman demi tercapai hasil latihan yang efektif dan maksimal.

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